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"Right" Decisions with Dr. Tammy Moye Johnson

Providing tools and strategies to not make just "a" decision but the "right" decision

Dr. Tammy Moye Johnson is the chief executive officer of "Right" Decisions Productions, LLC. Right Decisions Productions produces positive shows and seminars that are designed to give tools and strategies for a successful life. Under the umbrella of Right Decisions, Dr. Moye Johnson is also the executive producer (creator) of a positive television talk show that airs weekly on WACH Fox 57 in the midlands of South Carolina and previously on the NOW Network nationally. Dr. Moye Johnson is best known as talk show host, trainer, and speaker who speaks about practical and passionate application of knowledge.

Her messages lay the foundation for making right decisions about life such as marriage, children, finance, health, and career.

In addition to her production company, Dr. Moye Johnson worked for 31 years in the field of education. During her educational career she was a teacher for five years and a school and district level administrator for 27 years. The favorite part of her educational career was the blend of being a district level administrator and a teacher as she served as the director of professional development. Dr. Moye Johnson has sixteen years of experience as a professional developer.

Dr. Moye Johnson has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast News and a Bachelor of Science degree in English Education from North Carolina A &T State University (December 1990 and May 1991) and a master's degree in Educational Leadership from Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia (July 1995). Dr. Moye Johnson earned her PhD in Organizational Leadership at Columbia International University in August 2022.

Right Decisions talk show originally launched in September 1997 in Newport News, Virginia.

Dr. Tammy Moye Johnson, entrepreneur, executive producer, talk show host, trainer, and minister of God, is dedicated to developing people.

"Right" Decisions

Right Decisions is designed to give practical steps needed to make not just "a" decision, but the "right" decision.

Right Decisions talk show began in 1997 in Newport News, Virginia. 

The vision of having a positive talk show that will add value to the community was relaunched in the spring 2013.

Right Decisions adds value to society by providing tools and strategies to live a successful life for viewers of all ages.

Where to Watch

Airs on WACH Fox 57 in the Midlands of South Carolina at 7:30 on Sunday mornings

Available on YouTube: Right Decisions with Tammy Moye Johnson